School Organizational Team

School Organizational Team (AB-394)

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Monday May 14th, 2018


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Teammates putting together a puzzle

What is AB-394?

AB-394 is a reorganization of the Clark County School District to allow each individual shcool to make site-based decisions about how they plan to improve student achievement. The school site will make decisions on how to use their resources to accomplish the school’s specific goals. CCSD will continue to have central administration who will hold schools accountable for high quality results.

How does it affect Simmons Elementary?

A School Organizational Team (S.O.T.), comprised of staff members and family members, has been formed. It is made up of voting and non-voting members. The non-voting members are the principal or assistant principal and a community member. The team will be responsible for developing the school’s budget and aligning school programs with the needs of all students.

Responsibilities of the S.O.T. include:

  • providing input on the school performance plan and budget
  • providing continued advice to the principal in carrying out the school plan
  • assisting with the selection of the next principal when there is a vacancy

While only voting members may vote on decisions made by the team, all meetings are open to the public. We encourage any and all families to attend the meetings. Meeting dates will always be posted on this site at least 3 days prior to the meeting, so please check back for more information!

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S.O.T. Members

School Organization Team members for the 2017-2018 School Year are:

Troy Egbert, Parent Representative

Elizabeth Katten, Administration (Principal)

James Merrill,  Parent Representative

Angie Oliveros, Teacher Representative

Abigail Ortiz,  Parent Representative

Ana Posmoga, Support Staff Representative

Claire Romzek, Teacher Representative

Mrs. Eva G. Simmons, Community Member Representative

Click below to view Simmons Elementary School’s “School Improvement Plan”

2017-2018 School Improvement Plan

2018-2019 School Improvement Plan